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Francisco Rojas

Areas of Specialty: Guitar, General Music Theory, Singer, Songwriting, Composition

“My teaching style is focused on developing instincts. We all have a deep, innate understanding of music. It's in all of us. My goal is to help my students get in touch with their inner musician. Informing and developing that musician through technique, aural skills and mindfulness."

Francisco earned his Baschelor of Arts from Bowling Green State University in 2009, majoring in Jazz Guitar and Music History. His studies at BGSU also included Classical Guitar. Francisco has been performing professionally for over 15 years and you can catch him playing around town regularly. He teaches guitar for all ages, specializing in fundamentals, music theory, rhythm, improvisation, singing and playing at the same time, and song writing.


"I took lessons from Francisco for over three years and only stopped because I moved to another city. I connected with Francisco from the beginning and he was flexible enough that we could take our lessons any direction I wanted. I came in with several years of experience but wanted to focus on developing improvisation skills, solo techniques, and a greater understanding of theory. This just so happened to correlate with Fransisco's greatest strengths as a teacher.

Throughout the course of our lessons I started singing more, which was another of Francisco's strengths, and I think this is where I got the most value, as he helped me develop breathing and vocal techniques, and ultimately enough confidence to perform. Overall, I would highly recommend Francisco to anyone. I progressed every week through our time and thought Francisco was incredibly talented, flexible, and passionate"   -   Craig Ayers


"As a family we took our time finding a guitar instructor for our 9 yr old son. We auditioned 5 instructors over a period of several weeks. Thankfully our son's first choice, Francisco Rojas, was the same as our choice. Francisco was the only instructor to not only ask our son about what he hoped to learn on the guitar, but also asked me as a parent what I wanted my son to get from his lessons.

Francisco is vibrant, engaging and shows real consern for our son's progress. He is clearly a talented guitar player and singer. Our son enjoys his time with Francisco and is learning life lessons, not just how to play the guitar."  -  Mark Rush


 “Highly Recommended!”

“He’s absolutely wonderful at adapting to the students’ needs, not just with respect to guitar but respect to developmental stage in life. Francisco is amazing at identifying skill levels and interests, and using that to expand musical horizons.”