Gary Puckett

Gary Puckett

Areas of Speciallty: Guitar Banjo Mandolin  

Gary’s lessons are a delight to listen in on, as not one goes by without bouts of laughter coming from the room. A master of traditional and roots music, Mr. Pukett teaches simply because he loves to share the joy of making music. 

“ Music is a huge topic, and over the history of mankind we have played every conceivable kind of instrument, from hollow turkey bones to immense and complex organs, even gourds with hide stretched over them (i.e. banjos! It’s been played by people with post doctoral degrees, and people who can’t read.  There is no single approach to music that is always “right”. Each person who comes to music has their unique abilities, challenges, perspectives and aspirations.  Some people will be thrilled to be able to strum a few chords, and others have the potential to become world class players.  A good teacher understands the student’s aspirations and abilities and adjusts their teaching style for each student.

Generally speaking, I approach learning music by working with the student in 4 broad categories: 1) The unique physical requirements of your instrument. This means getting your hands to do what they need to do. 2) Understanding how music works. “Music theory” can sound intimidating, but it’s really not. 3) Building repertoire.  Actually have a collection of songs you can play. 4) The social aspects of music. Music can be a private pursuit, but it can also be shared and experienced with others. Being able to play music with other people is an important and fun part of becoming a musician.”