Group Lessons

Guitar House Workshop offers workshops and small group classes taught by in house and guest instructors at various times throughout the year. Check out our calendar page for upcoming group learning opportunities. Among our offerings:

Gary Puckett's Turtle Jam Class: A 6 week class where musicians can learn the basics of playing together in a traditional jam. Centered on bluegrass and folk traditions, Gary provides a fun way to gain confidence playing with others.  Whether you know a few chords, or can pick out a solo on the spot, you will find a comfortable place in the Saturday jam class. You will also find new friends and a supportive enthusiastic environment to stretch your skills. This class usually includes six Saturday afternoons from 4:30-6 at the shop. 

Jim Scarff's  Electric Blues and Pizza Class: Jim 's 4 week Blues Class is a great way to get some extra experience improvising with the Blues. Jim's teaching style is both informative and encouraging. Enjoy the company of a few new friends while soaking up a little extra skill from our own Blues master.

Ian Carroll's Beginning Blues Jam Class: A new 6 week session led by our mighty talented Ian Carroll. With Ian's guidance, come and begin your play with the Blues. You will have company making friends with some basic Blues tunes.