Harrison Paul

Areas of Specialty:  Bass, Guitar, Home & Studio Recording

Also available to engineer recording sessions at the shop (Spring 2017)

Harrison Paul is a recent graduate of OSU with a background in jazz performance and composition. Mr. Paul's summer internships as an audio engineer with a NYC recording studio have provided him with solid recording experience as well. Harry enjoys a wide variety of genres including Swing, Hard Bop, Traditional New Orleans Jazz, Fusion, Latin Jazz, Soul, Funk, Rock, Hip Hop and Folk. 

". . . Whether my students are studying anything from slap bass to recording techniques, I focus on four fields of development: technique, musical fluency, community, and personal growth. There is something to be learned from every aspect of music and there is an incredible amount of depth and breath to every genre. I focus on inspiring students to delve into whatever music inspires them, and hopefully they learn something about themselves along the way. . . "

We are thrilled to have a bass instructor at the shop again. And with the introduction of recording instruction and sessions engineering, Mr Paul adds another dimension to the ways Guitar House Workshop can help our customers make music. To find out more about music lessons, recording instruction, recording sessions, or any of our other fine instructors, please call 614-488-2477.