Lucy Smirnov

Lyudmila (Lucy) Smirnov

Areas of Specialty: Piano VoiceMusic Theory

Lucy is a classically trained musician with 35 years experience as a professional music teacher. She works with students of all ages and abilities. With her younger students, Lucy uses musical games and puzzles to bring interest in learning piano and to teach them to play by ear. Older students also enjoy their entry into piano with Lucy. She is a an organized, patient and talented instructor and she loves to teach. As a voice teacher, Lucy specializes in classical, jazz, pop, folk, and country genres. Ms. Smirnov is an accomplished performer as well, and has won excellence awards both here and in Europe. Like many of our teachers, Lucy also volunteers her time and talents at various charity events. Whether your interest is in voice, piano, or general music theory, you will thoroughly enjoy your studies with Lucy.

One of Lucy’s students has shared her thoughts about Lucy’s teaching style and about beginning piano as an adult.

(Lucy is) “Absolutely Wonderful. . . extremely encouraging and positive. . . also very direct about what needs to change. . . She explains things until I understand. . . She expresses a lot of respect for adult students trying something new.  It’s something she actively supports. . . She gives me choices and enables an adult to keep going. . . (this is) totally different from what I’m doing in my life. Practicing is a form of meditation for me. . . it is settling. . . enjoyable. . . Something about repetitions of practice that smooths out the waves in my brain. . . . I like to practice. It is a break from everything else.”