Rob Firestone

Areas of Specialty: Finger style Classical   Guitar Composition   Improvisation

Rob Firestone’s teaching experience spans over 30 years including The Ohio State University, University of Akron, and private lesson programs in Columbus. Having earned a Bacheler’s Degree in Jazz Studies Composition and a Master’s Degree in Classical Guitar Performance, Rob provides a wealth of knowledge and training to his guitar students.  Comfortable teaching all ages, from 5 years and up, Mr. Firestone truly enjoys teaching students how to make beautiful music with a guitar. His areas of focus are folk, country, blues, classic rock, children’s music, classical, jazz, fingerpicking and improvisation.

Rob fundamentally loves music and practices daily. His technical knowledge and playing technique are remarkable. Mr. Firestone makes use of various computer applications to bring new ways of learning to his students.  And the truth about Rob is that he enjoys learning just as much as he enjoys teaching.  If you study with Rob, you will witness first hand his core enthusiasm for the guitar as an instrument and music theory in general.