Fretted Instrument Repair Services. Authorized Martin Repair Center.

WE repair fretted Instruments:

Acoustic, Electric, & Bass Guitars, Classical, Banjos, Mandolins, Ukuleles, Archtops, Dulcimers

Professional set-ups

Compensated saddles

custom bone nuts




Neck resets

crack repairs

electrical repairs

custom rewires

acoustic pick-up installation

touch-up & finish repair

banjo head replacement

archtop bridge installation

complete restorations

Miscellanious upgrades:

Strap buttons, tuners, railroad spikes, geared 5th string tuner, replacement pickguards etc.

       John Bolzenius and Josh Wydick at the bench.

       John Bolzenius and Josh Wydick at the bench.


Set-ups are important

A Set-Up is not the same in every store. A true Set-Up requires exacting measurements and extremely fine adjustments.

A professional set-up always starts with string choices and truss rod adjustment. It is followed in order by alignment of height, width, and proper ramping of the nut. String height is then customized for the individual, according to playing style, player experience and personal preference. Why a Set-Up? in order for a guitar to play and sound its best, the entire instrument needs to be in careful alignment. Time and seasonal changes affect the sound and playability of every fretted instrument. Even NEW instruments are improved by a professional set-up. Guitar House Workshop luthiers take extraordinary care to customize each set-up according to your personal experience, playing style and specific instrument.

Upgrading to Custom Bone Saddles and Nuts

will make your instrument easier to play, and improve its sound. Our luthiers individually craft these parts out of the finest quality bone and other natural materials. We create nuts and saddles best suited for your particular instrument and playing style.

Complete Restorations

Special Instruments in need of extensive repairs are in good hands at Guitar House Workshop. Your cherished heirloom (or recent amazing find) will receive a repair plan and estimate prior to beginning work. We know that restoration can be an investment and we very much appreciate your trust. Sometimes the process can be broken into stages over time. Witnessing the transformation of a beloved old instrument into a well functioning gem is a delight for everyone involved.

Acoustic Pick-up Installations

The shop's philosophy is that there is no one "best" pick up. John or Josh will spend time helping you make an informed decision about the right pick-up to fit your instrument, your playing style and amplification requirements. We have several models in stock and will gladly special order to fit your needs.