Repair and Restoration of Fretted Instruments. Authorized Martin Repair Center.


Guitar House Workshop is proud to announce that we are now an Authorized Martin Repair Center. Come to us with your Martin Warranty Repair requests!

The core of Guitar House Workshop is the Repair and Restoration Center. Luthiers John Bolzenius and Josh Wydick take extraordinary care to understand and address each customer’s concerns while providing superior technical repair and restoration services. John apprenticed and worked for distinguished master luthier J. Thomas Davis Guitar Maker for several years before creating Guitar House Workshop. Josh Wydick apprenticed under John and now works daily at the shop. Also musicians and custom builders, John and Josh bring a wide reaching skill set to the bench. They are meticulous craftsman who understand that each instrument and each player are individuals and as such, require a repair that honors both. It follows that repairs are approached with two goals in mind:

1. to stay within the spirit and intention of the original instrument maker

2. to improve the instrument's playability in the hands of it's owner.

“There are no dumb questions at Guitar House Workshop. We want to hear about your instrument’s performance issues, and symptoms. We know from experience that honest communication between player and luthier insures greater success at solving problems. You are the customer, the musician. We repair your music making tool according to your needs, abilities and desires.” - John Bolzenius

Bring your instruments to Guitar House Workshop and find out for yourself the satisfaction of receiving excellent service in a respectful and professional environment.